30 Seconds On The Clock: Jason Bottone, Baseball

30 Seconds On The Clock: Jason Bottone, Baseball

Sport Management   

Career Plans? 
To get a job out of college in a field of work that I enjoy daily. 

What Is Your Dream Job? 
Head Groundskeeper at Fenway Park  

What Is Your Favorite Class And Why? 
Sports Ethics. It was a class where opinion and open discussion really mattered, and I felt like I had a voice and got a lot of learning out of it.  

What Do You Like Most About Being A Student-Athlete? 
The constant daily routine. 

What Is Your Favorite Part Of Being A Student At Dean? 
The daily opportunities that arise and the small town/small campus aspect that reminds me of home. 

It's Late Night At Boomers. What Are You Ordering? 
Mozzarella sticks    

Favorite Place On Campus? 
My Bed   

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush? 
Carrie Underwood  

What App Can You Not Live Without? 

Favorite TV Show And Why? 
Blue Bloods, I have a high interest in crime shows and Blue Bloods is easily my favorite  

Name One Thing On Your Bucket List? 
To meet Pedro Martinez the former pitcher for the Red Sox.  

Who Is Your Favorite Person To Follow On Twitter Or Instagram? 
Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports