Welcome to the Dean College Athletic Compliance Site.  Here you will find information regarding the required Athletic Health Forms and NCAA compliance requirements.

This site houses all the pre-participation forms necessary for NCAA compliance.  Please be sure you fill out both sections (Part A - student athlete health forms and Part B - NCAA compliance forms). 

DEADLINE for submission is August 1st for fall sports, and September 1st for winter and spring sports.


Once you receive your Dean email log in and password you will have access to the Student Health Portal.


In Addition to the Required Student Health Forms above, Sports Medicine Requires:

                All forms below must be accessed through the Student Health Portal.   

  • Sickle Cell* 
    • Upload Documentation of Sickle Cell Test Through Document Upload                                                                                                                  OR
    • Sign the Waiver Form Found in Student Health Portal 
  • Assumption of Risk & Release of Liability*
  • Concussion Information Form*
  • Athletic Training Health History*

For those students taking Prescription Stimulant Medication for ADHD:

If you have any questions regarding the Athletic Health forms, contact Brian Stefanik at 508-541-1818 or  


Part B- NCAA COMPLIANCE FORMS   (Not available until July 15, 2017)

These forms must be completed by going to  Once you create your account with your address, you must then complete the NCAA compliance forms, sign where applicable and submit them to Front Rush.

  • HIPPA/Buckley Consent Form
  • Student-Athlete Statement
  • Drug-Testing Consent Form
  • Download NCAA List of Banned Drugs
  • Download Summary of NCAA Regulations 
  • Sports Information Form

If you have any questions regarding the NCAA compliance forms, contact John Jackson at 508-541-1814 or 

Please read directions below regarding the forms prior to completion.

Sports Information Form (All Student-Athletes)

The Sports Information Form provides the college sports information office necessary information for rosters, hometown releases, etc.  This form must be completed and submitted online.

Athletic Training Health History (All Student-Athletes)

The Medical History form provides the sports medicine staff a snapshot of your medical history, which allows them to prepare the best care for you prior to and during intercollegiate competition. 

HIPPA/Buckley Consent Form (All Student-Athletes)

The Medical Release Form is required to allow the athletic trainers to share information regarding any injuries that may occur during the year. This form must be printed out, completed and sent either by e-mail ( or mailed to the athletic office (attn: compliance office).

Assumption of Risk & Release Of Liability Form (All Student-Athletes)

The Assumption of Risk Form is required and acknowledges that all student-athletes acknowledge that participating in intercollegiate athletics carries certain risks.  

Sickle Cell Waiver Form (All Student-Athletes)

The Sickle Cell Waiver Form is required if the student does not submit documentation of a previous sickle cell test. If a copy of a previous sickle cell screening is uploaded, this form does not have to be submitted.

Drug-Testing Consent Form (All Student-Athletes)

This form must be signed and gives consent to be tested for the use of drugs prohibited by the NCAA prior to national championships.

Concussion Information Form (All Student-Athletes)

The Concussion Information Form is required to be reviewed and signed prior to any participation in intercollegiate athletics, as it provides information on how to notice the signs and symptoms of a concussion and how to care for yourself or others with a concussion.  

Current Physical Exam (All Student-Athletes)

It is a Dean College requirement that each student-athlete has a current  physical exam on file before he/she may participate in any practice, preseason training, conditioning training, scrimmage, or game.  In order for a physical to be considered current for intercollegiate athletics, it must be dated after  May 1, 2017.  

Completed physical forms must be uploaded to the Student Health Portal.