Welcome to Dean College! As you and your child navigate the world of NCAA Division III athletics here at Dean, please use this page as a reference point.

Below are some frequently asked questions Dean College is currently in the process of applying for NCAA Division III membership. The following requirements will be in effect for the 2016-17 athletic seasons, during which time we will still be members of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA). 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the eligibility requirements?

All students entering Dean College immediately after high school graduation are immediately eligible to compete under USCAA eligibility rules. After the first semester, the following rules occur:

  • Prior to a second semester, a student must pass 12 credits with an GPA of a 1.6
  • Prior to the third semester and every subsequent semester, a student must pass an average of 12 credits per semester with an average GPA of a 2.00.

What are the equipment & apparel policies at Dean College?

Student athletes are responsible for all college-owned equipment and apparel that is distributed to them during the course of the sport season. All practice gear and travel sweats are required to be purchased by the student athletes and will be billed (approximately $200) to the students account immediately upon receipt. Any college equipment or uniforms not returned upon dismissal or at the end of the season will be billed to the students account.

What are the hazing policies at Dean College?

Any student responsible for any hazing incidents during the course of the year will be subject to Massachusetts law Chapter 269, Sections 17, 18 and 19. This will include dismissal from athletic teams, dismissal from the college and subject to legal actions under the Massachusetts law. All students are required to sign the athletic student code of conduct, which acknowledges this law has been reviewed by the athletic department.

How do you promote sportsmanship at Dean College?

In order to promote good sportsmanship at Dean College contests, the following declaration is read prior to all contests where a public address system is in place. We require that all spectators respect these expectations of behavior.

“The USCAA and Dean College promote good sportsmanship by student athletes, coaches and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racial or sexist comments or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student-athletes, coaches or team representatives are grounds for removal from the site of competition and other disciplinary actions. Thank you for your support and enjoy the game.” 

Where can I find information about Sports Medicine at Dean College?

Information about Sports Medicine at Dean College can be found at the following link:

Does my son/daughter need health insurance to play at Dean College?

All students are automatically enrolled in and charged for the Dean College Student Health Plan unless proof of comparable coverage is provided. If a student has her or his own health insurance and declines enrollment in the College health plan, the student must complete the online Dean College Insurance Waiver Form. (This link is only available during specific enrollment dates):

  • Fall Semester - June 1 through September 15
  • Spring Semester - December 1 through February 1

It is important to note that the burden of proof of participating in a SHP approved health insurance with comparable coverage falls on the student.

By completing and submitting the insurance waiver, the student accepts responsibility for all medical and/or mental health expenses incurred should his/her own insurance prove insufficient.

The Athletic Department maintains a catastrophic health insurance policy that may provide student athletes, who are injured while participating in an intercollegiate sport, with additional benefits. This policy is for medical expenses incurred by a student athlete after a $25,000 deductible has been satisfied. Any payments made by your health insurance company and your out-of-pocket expenses are applied towards this deductible. 

What is the concussion protocol?

All head coaches are required to complete concussion awareness testing; additionally, all athletes experiencing concussion symptoms must be cleared by our full-time athletic trainers prior to return to the playing field.

What are the travel policies?

Students traveling to away games must return with the transportation provided by the college, unless the parent has notified the athletic director in writing prior to the contest.

How do I find directions to Dean College athletic facilities?

Directions to the Longley Athletic Complex and to the Pieri Gymnasium can be found at the following link: