Sports Medicine

The Dean College Sports Medicine Department provides professional health care services for all sport and dance athletes enrolled at the college. This health care includes: injury evaluations, treatments and rehabilitation of injuries sustained during supervised practices, games, dance classes and performances in accordance with the mission of the college.

Meet the Medical Staff

Brian S. Stefanik 
Med, LATC, EMT CSCS Licensed Athletic Trainer (508) 541-1818 
Brian received Masters in Education from Springfield College in 1992, and his Bachelor of Science in Education from Syracuse University in 1990.

Alex Blenis
M.Ed., ATC, CSCS Licensed Athletic Trainer 

Sam O'Brien
M.S., ATC Licensed Athletic Trainer

Dr. Joseph Pugleasa
MD, Team Orthopedic
(508) 458-4300

Concussion Management Policy 

Link to Dean College Concussion Management Policy 


Dean College is equipped with 2 state of the art medical training rooms serving the athletics department and the Joan Palladino School of Dance. Athletics training room is located in Pieri gymnasium room 5 and dance athletic training room located in basement of campus center.

Athletics Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
9-11am Appointments Only
11-3pm Evaluations, treatments  and rehabilitation 
3-8pm Practice Supervision

School of Dance Hours of Operation
9:30-5:30 Evaluations, treatments, rehabilitation Medical Services

Medical Supplies
Water, ice, bottles, splints and crutches are provided for all visiting teams.  Moist heat is only provided accompanied with a doctor prescription.

A licensed certified athletic trainer will supervise all home games. For home football games; board certified orthopedic and an ambulance will be on-site assisting the certified athletic trainer with medical supervision.